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We grow our cannas cold climate Pennsylvania USA zone 6/5 at a higher elevation and where winters are cold but summers can be quite warm. Cannas grow very well here from May through October until frost takes them around Halloween.
Our naturally rich Appalachian soil well amended with organic compost and our area's warm sultry summers lend to excellent yields each season.

Cannas are tropical plants that can be grown very well in many non-tropical parts of the world. Cannas are grown in summer in every state of the USA with their unsurpassed beauty enjoyed in both warm and cooler climates.

Our Karchesky Canna Blog features our own gorgeous cannas
as well as older and heirloom varieties we also grow. Currently over 160 cannas are featured on this Blog for all to enjoy with most varieties available to share.

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Our Current Growing Collection

The following pages feature many varieties from our current growing collection. Over 150 varieties are shown at this time. As more of our gorgeous cannas come to bloom, we will add them here to be enjoyed.

Enjoy your stroll through our cannas!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

canna 'Tango Mango'

Canna 'Tango Mango' is a shorter variety canna with large rich tangerine-mango blooms and large leaves in bronze over olive creating a striped effect in the newer leaves.
Shorter height to about 48" Available spring 2012
Alice Harris, USA 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

canna 'Princess'

Named in honour of our youngest Daughter, gorgeous canna 'Princess' offers large white blooms with the petal face heavily overlaid in pink splotching while the reverse remains white. Deeper green pointed spooned leaves. Height 3-4 ft. Demure, delicate and extra lovely.
Hybridizer: Alice Harris, USA 2011